Help with Firmware update (Sansa clip 2GB)

While trying to transfer audio book from my laptop to my Sansa Clip, I get the following error during file transfer:

““It is not possible to obtain device’s certificate. Please contact the device manufacturer for a firmware update or for other steps to resolve this problem.””“

When I try to down load the latest Sansa firmware using the 'Sansa Updater version 1.2 ’ I get the following error:

”““The following failure occurred: Failed to download the selected files. Please try again later.””"

I currently have firm wear: 1.01.11 on my Sansa Clip (2.0 gb)

Can you offer any advice on correcting this? Will a firmware update solve the certificate issue? Any help would be appreciated..



there is a post at the top of this board with instructions for a manual firmware update. use that to update the firmware then in the settings menu use the format command. once that is done try reloading the books.