Help with finding a new player


I have a Clip Zip that I use almost every day and love it. What I am looking for now I can’t find and

was hoping I might get a lead here. I am looking for a “Traditional” Boom Box, but not some large monstrosity.

Here is what I need:

  1. Great sound and enough punch to listen outside without overdriving the speakers

  2. Must have a MicroSD slot or other that can be adapted to microsd

  3. I will be playing MP3s from the SD card

  4. A screen so I can select what I want to listen to, like the Clip Zip screen

  5. A remote (If possible)

  6. CD Player (Not a necessity)

  7. A radio (Not a necessity)

I want to be able to take the MicroSD card out of my Clip Zip and put it into this player

Thank you in advance for your time!


Have you tried shopping on Amazon?