Help with buying a microSDHC

I recently filled up my Fuze, upgraded to the latest firmware, and am ready to expand its capacity. I was thinking about buying a 8g Sandisk from amazon, but I don’t whether I need a SD adapter so I can connect it to my computer. If I keep it plugged into the Fuze will I be able to access the card through the device, or will it appear as a seperate storage device? Any help with buying a microSDHC will be greatly appreciated.

I’m new to this, but just bought the same 8GB sdhc card from amazon.  My understanding is that the Fuze doesn’t differentiate whether something is in its internal memory or on the card…it’s all accessible from the main screen.  I didn’t get the adapter because I didn’t intend to use it anywhere but the Fuze and I figured it would just expand the storage when I’m loading things. Your question makes me wonder - do we need to load onto the card seperately or does it just expand the memory capacity on the Fuze? 

Hopefully one of the experts will answer soon!

The 8GB SanDisk microcard will work fine, and you can simply plug it into the Fuze and most likely leave it there. When you connect to your computer the microcard will show up as a seperate drive…for example, on mine, the Fuze is drive J: and the card is drive K: 

Anything on the card will be seamlessly integrated into the memory of the Fuze when you’re using it.

Thanks for your help!