Help with Audible files, PLEEEEAAASE!

I am going on a long trip in a few days. And my new Sansa c240 unfortunately does not support Audible files… I’d really love to be able to listen to an audio book during my trip, because it’s a dreadful 10 hour-trip.
Did anyone find “work-arounds” for Audible files on unsupported devices? If you figured something out, would you mind sharing these ideas with me?
I’d greatly appreciate it!

I really don’t think that this message belongs to Product Feature Suggestions… This is not a suggestion. This is a question to users. And since it was not really related to Sansa or any other SanDisk products I posted it under “Off Topis” stuff.
All I wanted to hear is if someone found a way to convert .aa files into .mp3 or any other format that would play on c 240.

I realise this is W A Y too l

I realise this is W A Y too late for

I realise this is W A Y too late for your trip. but can you do anything in the program you use to listen to the books?  Do you do this using the computer?  Can they be copied or Saved As into other formats?  Maybe there is some work around so you could eventually get them into MP2 or WMP files, even if it takes a few steps and programs to do it.


this is way after your trip, but better late than never, I suppose -

there is a program you can download online… go to

for $15 you can download the program and convert audible files to mp3 or wma, whatever you want.  the only thing i don’t like is you lose your chapter bookmarks and need to make sure to pause the book and let the sansa auto power down so that when you power back up you’re at the same place… otherwise you do a lot of starting over.  :(    but i love audible and am just thankful there’s a way to play them!

good luck…