Help with a bunch of things

Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for any and all help.  This is my first post and I have searched here and the rest of the internet for answers, but can’t quite seem to find many answers.  So please bare with me if it’s things that have been answered already and I’m just too slow to find the answers.

First-  My screen dims and sometimes is just black whenever I do anything that causes the blue ring to light up.  When the blue ring goes out, the screen comes back on.  Everything works normal, I just can’t see what I’m doing.  I’m pretty sure it’s a hardware problem, not software.  I did try resetting it.  And I have downloaded the newest firmware.  Is there a fix for this?  Can I just disable the blue light?

Second-  How can I manage the media better?  There’s plenty of music I’d like to get rid of, but when I try to delete it on WMP11 it just doesn’t delete it.  Plus WMP11 doesn’t even see all the music I have.  How can I delete something I don’t even have access to?  Now I could do it the long way and delete individual songs one by one on the player itself, but as I said in the first problem, I can’t see the screen.  

Third-  If I create a playlist, using WMP, that has songs already on my Fuze, will this add the songs a second time?  Using up more space than needed?

Thanks again 

Another thing I just realized is I can delete something using my computer, and it seems as if it’s gone, but it’s really still on the player and the computer doesn’t see it anymore, even though it’s still there.

The Fuze has two USB modes, MSC (generic flash drive) and MTP (controlled by WIndows Media Player). Your computer can only see music that was transferred in one mode at a time, even though the Fuze sees both. So go to Settings/System Settings/USB and change the mode to see if you can find your music.

While you are in MSC, delelet MTABLE.SYS. That’s the table of contents the Fuze uses to show your music. Sometimes old entries get stuck in there. When you delete it, the Fuze will make a new table of contents from what’s actually on the unit.

Personally I prefer MSC mode because Windows Media Player does things like changing folder names, etc., so it can do its own indexing faster. With MSC it’s just drag and drop, and you’re in full control

Another music software some people like is Media Monkey. You could try the free version and see if you prefer it to WMP. I believe it works in MSC mode.

MTP is really only needed for files that have DRM (DIgital Rights Muck) codes, like files from subscription services or library audiobooks. If you’re not using that kind of file, just plain mp3, you don’t need MTP.  For your own sanity you might have to remove music sent over via MTP and re-send it via MSC–not that the Fuze cares, but it will be easier for you to find.

Even though I’ve never changed the mode when uploading music?  I’ll try it and see what happens even though it’s going to take forever, not being able to see the screen.

And when I was saying I would delete music using WMP, I didn’t mean the songs just show up on the Fuze, they’re actually still on it and able to play.  So refreshing the table of contents won’t get rid of those songs will it?

I downloaded media monkey right after I posted this thread and it only saw the songs WMP sees.

Thanks for the reply.

ok, so switching to MSC did find my other files, and I was able to delete the ones I needed.

I could still use help with the black screen though.

You can try increasing the Brightness level in Settings, but if that does nothing then the only alternative is to get a new player; the fault is hardware-based.

It’s as bright as can be.  Just not when the blue ring comes on.

@nateshirk wrote:

It’s as bright as can be.  Just not when the blue ring comes on.

This problem showed up on the Rockbox forum in June of last year. The solution there was to turn the blue light off.  I don’t see in the regular system settings how to do this. You can do it if you rockbox your Fuze. Rockbox allows you to turn the blue light off. The thread describing your problem and the link to the original thread is here…