Help With 30-Day Free Music Trial

If you are prompted to purchase the music, after signing in, it may be that the Clip is in MSC mode.  The Sansa needs to be in MTP mode to handle the WMDRM transfers with their license data.

Look at the Clip in Rhapsody.  If it appears in capital letters as E: SANSA CLIP for example, the device is in the wrong mode.

On the device (once unplugged), go to Settings > USB Mode > MTP and plug in again.

The Clip will appear now as Sansa Clip 4GB for example.  Right click on the Clip, and select Authorize.

Once authorized, you can drag and drop your favorite music to the device.


Indeed. That was the issue.


OK I’m 14yrs old and I don’t have a credit card,neither does my mom what am I supposed to do about the 30day trail.Should I just let it go to waste??? I don’t have the MP3 yet. Is This Going To Be aproblem in the future??? Please HELP!!!
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Message Edited by Weather_God on 04-24-2009 05:19 PM

No need to yell–you’re ok.  You don’t need to activate the trial at all–a Rhapsody subscription isn’t needed to operate the Clip.  Rhapsody is simply an option, for those who want (and can pay for) a music subscription service.  You still can drag and drop your non-subscription music (from CDs, Internet sources, etc.) to your Clip, and play it. 

Thanks…This is the fastest response i’ve ever gotten!!!

@weather_god wrote:
Thanks…This is the fastest response i’ve ever gotten!!!

Folks are really great about that around here. :slight_smile:

Can you please give some examples and how to do them. Limewire doesn’t even have my favorite band.

I need help…

In the long run, you’re far better off loading the CDs from your favorite bands rather than trying to find them on a P2P site.  Try a reputable source like Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, and others, even check your favorite band’s website for downloads.

With peer networks, you have no guarantees of just what you’re getting.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

@weather_god wrote:

Can you please give some examples and how to do them. Limewire doesn’t even have my favorite band.


I need help…

“How to do them”–sorry, not sure what you mean … 

You can rip music from CDs you have, and then transfer them to your Clip.  Rippers are freely available, for free, on the Internet (do a search on rippers, here (search box upper left) or on the Internet); I use CDex, which has a small learning curve (read the help files) but then works easily.  Or you can download music and then also put it on your Clip.  Note:  the Clip does not do aac files (the format iTunes defaults to).

To get the music files on your Clip, you simply can drag and drop the files to your Clip (the Clip’s Music folder is a good place to store them, to help organization) or you can copy and paste–easy.

SO do I have to but the Cd’s or can i get the song 4 free?

Well, they generally frown on people taking CDs out of the store without buying them first, so, yes, you probably have to buy them.

There are places to download music for free, legally.  Check the Off Topic boards, I believe there are some threads there about free, legal download sites.

SRRY if I’m being a bother but I couldn’t find any good ones. Any suggestions ?

My free 30 day subscription to Rhapsody through Best ended a few weeks ago and since then have tried to log on to the site with my user and pw to renew and synchronize it and I can’t. I had told a friend that I wanted to sign up for their (Rhapsodys)service and they told me right off not to as they had it and got ripped off by them.  Anyway, now the problem I have – I have 200 songs that I loaded off of their site onto my sansa clip during the free trial and now can’t listen to any of the music I have on there and want to know if I can still keep these songs if I transfer to Napster or any other service, or do I lose them all and have to reload them on through the new site that I choose?  I don’t have alot of money to spend each month, so I am at a loss as to the best site to use and what to do with my songs.  I need help please - Thanks.

I am having the same problem. I had 30 free with rhapsody and downloaded all this music and now can not use it because it said that the 30 days are up. But, was told the same thing not to use rhapsody because they are a rip off…now what to do? Do I have to go and up load all these songs again somewhere else. What would they let you up load the music and then take the music away from you? That really pissed me off. Now I have this SanDisk Clip and can not listen to the music. I need help… I too do not have alot of money to go to sites and pay a montly fee…HELP.

you have to pay for the service if you want to continue listening after the 30 days. you cant just go and get thousands of free songs and never pay anything. even if you pay for the service for 3 years and decide to cancel all your music will expire in 30 days after the subscription expires. this is the way subscription services work.

i hope this thread hasnt gone dead yet, i got the raposody free music trial too, and i was really looking forward to it, but all of the songs still have the price tags stuck to them, and it acts like i have to purchase the songs that i download, should i worry about the prices, or am i misunderstanding the whole thing and the songs arent actually free, just litening to them is free?

your player must be recognized as an MTP device in order to transfer the songs.  Try to look at the menu of the player and set the USB mode to MTP.  also, make sure that you have win XP/Vista and Windows Media Player 10/11 so that the proper drivers are installed

i received an mp3 player for christmas and signed up with rhapsody for the 30 day free trial (it came with the mp3 player)

so i can freely download to my mp3 without cost for 30 days, but will lose music if i don’t continue service?



Yep–you can use the service all the want while you have it, but once your subscription is over, your music no longer will play–that’s how the service makes money. 

thanks for help : )