HELP!!! Windows 7 on netbooks?

I have a netbook. it’s the HP 2133 and it operates on vista. I wonder if Windows 7 home premium will be okay for it?

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if vista runs on it 7 should not be a problem. it actually takes less resources than vista

Actually it works fine but vista slows it down a little and takes up too much processor. but i guess i’ll try it. Also is the view compatible with 7?

i was able to install win 7 on aspire one 110.  this are the specs:

atom 1.6

intel graphics

512 RAM


after adding a GB of RAM, it’s running silky smooth…

yes the view is compatible with win 7

I agree.

Ok my specs are:


120 hard drive

VIA C-7 processor. 

you have to download the compatibility checker from the microsoft side to check against your laptop hardware, If it completed without error than you can install windows on your HP 2133.