HELP!! Sansa wont charge on Mac OS X (version 10.5.8)

Hi there. I hope someone can help me with my issues. First off, when i purchased my Sansa Fuze, I put songs on it from itunes, and it charged perfectly from my MAC.

My husband then used my Sansa to copy my songs on his PC. Ever since he did that, I cant charge my Sansa anymore. I plug in the usb to the back of my MAC mini and the Sansa shows the yellow lightning bolt and the green bar on the battery icon filling up. Once I unplug it, it shows no charge and is red/shuts down due to no battery.

What can I do?

Just for starters, go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC to use it with the Mac. If it was on Auto Detect, the PC may have put it in MTP mode–which works with Windows Media Player–and left it dazed and confused when it went back to the Mac. 

Does it still work on the PC?

When its connected to the Mac, can you see the files on the Mac? 

If not, hubby may have done something mechanical to the connector, either the cord (replaceable) or the pins inside the Fuze (not so replaceable unless you’re still under warranty).