Help required


I have a 4gb fuze which was wonderful until I updated the firm ware on saturday and somehow it seems to have partitioned it’s self. If I plug it into the computer it comes up as the F and G drive at the same time. The F part is accessible and is “new” the G is not and has everything that there used to be on there. I tried resetting to factory settings and formatting it both from the machine and from “My Computer” neither which makes any difference.

The reason it makes a difference is that my Audible software (the main reason I bought a Sansa player at all) does not recognise it and i cannot re register the machine as it thinks it there and not there at the same time!

Has anyone had this problem before? How do I sort it out?



Your player has switched itself to MSC mode, which makes it look like another drive to your computer, or Auto-Defect has connected in MSC mode. The F: drive would be your player; the G: drive would be the card slot (whether there’s a card inserted or not). This (the 2 separate drives) is normal and there’s nothing wrong with your player.

Audible requires MTP mode for transfer of DRM-crippled files. Go into Settings > System Settings > USB Mode (on your player) and switch it back to MTP. Don’t use the Auto-Defect setting (for obvious reasons). :smiley:

will try that when I get home.