Help: Removing Album Artwork

Once upon a time either my computer or my Fuze recognized that the internal memory was running low on space. I was short on time that day when whichever system offerred to remove my album artwork to free up more space, and thus declined. How can I remove the artwork manually? I’ve searched the device using Windows Explorer, but couldn’t find any files other than the radio presets and my mp3 files.


Album art is either embedded in the song, or a separate jpg file in the same folder. Assuming it’s embedded, then many MP3 software program will allow their removal. WinAmp: load song to play, press Alt-3 to bring up ID3 tag. One of the tabs will allow removal.

A faster program is MP3Tag which allow batch processing. Open it to the MP3 folder, select desired (or all) MP3s to be stripped, right-click, select Extended Tags. Once there, click on the red X to the right of the album art placeholder image. Click OK. This will remove album art from those selected MP3s.

Note: There is no undo in these programs. If you are unsure about what you are doing, make a backup copy of the songs. Also, embedded art, depending on the graphic size, usually aren’t large enough to make deleting them a worthwhile option if you want more space.