Help please!

Something went wrong with sansa last night but I got that fixed, but it started counting songs wrong and duplicating some of them so I took all the music and deleted the info in WMDRMPD folder inside the system folder because I figured that may have been the problem, but when I put the songs back on they took up memory but it says there aren’t any songs on it. The only thing in that folder was the titles of songs, bands, albums, etc. What happened? Can I fix it? Any help is appreciated and I thank you in advance.

NM, I figured it out on my own. I had to run a disk check on it.

 Hi I’am new to this so bare with me.  Where Do I write a question as I can’t seem to find where, and 2nd  mu disk won’t load on the computer. Where Do I get a new disk that works  thanks

my best suggestion would be to contact SanDisk at 866.SanDisk. Some of the instructions and information the people of this forum would look for would probably take you more time (in the long run) then just having someone walk you through it on the phone. As a person who’s new to this kinda thing, its nice to have someone on the phone to ask questions to if you get lost easily with all the computer terms

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