Help Please

Whenever I add in a .flv file(note that I haven’t done anything with any other formats), the “Convert” option isn’t clickable and is grayed out. Yes, I’ve clicked on the file. But the “Delete” option is the only one that lights up. What’s the problem here?

Sansa Media Converter can’t convert .flv files. You’ll have to convert it to something else first.

((And if you click “edit post” you can delete posts too. For example your post in the e200 area…))

Oh sorry about that. But I couldn’t find ‘edit post’(sorry for the noobish question)? Anyways, I converted it to an .AVI file but the problem is still there…

I’d convert to mpeg personally, the SMC doesn’t like AVI that much.

You HAVE to connect the player for SMC to work… :-o

Ok, I’ve fixed that problem. Thanks for the replies. But I’ve run into another problem, unfortunately. When I play the videos on my Sansa, the audio only works for about 15 seconds, then it goes mute. Could this be a problem with my setttings when I convert it, or is it because of SMC?

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