Help please View 32 GB

Daughter received View 32GB and has a Mac she followed the help line listed below and now the device does not show up on the Mac or my PC and only has a black screen, what can we do???

Formatting on a Mac computer How do I format my device using a Mac computer?

WARNING: Formatting will erase all data on the device. Back up all your data before proceeding.
NOTE: When using a memory card, it is recommended to reformat the card in the camera instead of formatting it through your computer.

To format a device on your Mac OS X:
1. Double-click on Macintosh HD.
2. Click the Applications folder.
3. Click the Utilities folder.
4. Double-click  Disk Utility.
5. On the left side of the window are the drives connected to the computer. Select the capacity of the drive respective to the one containing the device you wish to format then click the Erase tab.

Example:  If the drive is called “NO NAME”, directly above that, you should see the drive capacity of “XXXX”. Select this capacity.

6. Verify Volume Format is set to MS-DOS file system , then click Erase.

Try resetting the player by holding the power switch in the on position for 6-10 seconds, release, then see if it powers up normally

Here’s the 1.03.02 firmware thread for the View.  The firmware for the View is a group of files, unzip the firmware library, and drag it to the root directory of the View.

I’d recommend doing the surgery on a Windows machine, especially when formatting the device.  See if the device powers up following a reset as above.  My gut feeling is that something went awry with the formatting operation. 

You can check if the device will boot after formatting from a Windows platform- but of course, it has to be recognized as a USB mounted device first. 

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