Help please - Preventing media from being viewable on Fuze


Everytime I add media, whether it’s videos, music or pictures, the media is viewable/playable on the fuze itself.  For example, if I add a picture to the fuze’s files via windows explorer and don’t put it in the pictures folder, it will still be viewable on the interface of the fuze itself.  How can I add media without it automatically being viewable on the screen?  If I just want to store things on the fuze, how can I just do that?

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.  Thanks! 

I believe the Fuze only displays the file if it is a compatible file type. One way to store the files on the Fuze without it being viewable is by using a zip or rar file. Just zip up all the files you want to store and transfer the zip file. Another possible solution is by renaming all the files to some extention the Fuze won’t recognize and then change them back when you transfer it off your Fuze.

Or you can set those photos to hidden and they wont show up.