Help New firmware update won't open!!

I just decided to update my fuze with the new firmware 01.02.26. I do the manual install all the time so I know how to do it… But when I double click on the ZIP file I get a windows message saying that the zip file can not be opened and it is invalid…  This is the first time I tried a up date with the fuze on my new computer… Ya it has Vista…  What could be wrong? Thanks George

Ok I re downloaded the firmware… I think it was because of a version mix up… my original file was 01.01.26 and now I see that sandisk had changed the file name to 01.02.26… I re downloaded it and yes I can unzip the file but it won’t let me drag the bin. file to my root directory…  I’m in the USB auto detect mode and I always am… but will try changing that mod then try drag and drop aging…  it was not this difficult with windows XP… Hmmm… 

Ok!!  Got it… apparently Vista at least on my computer, the USB can not be set in the auto detect mode… I just changed it to MSC mode and all went well after that…  I just updated so it’s hard to judge but the FM radio sounds awesome… But at this point at least in my head I don’t think My MP3 sound as good as they use too… I use windows Media Player 11 Mp3 at 128 and 192 bits…  It may be just me… Going to play with it a bit and see how it does…  But I’m sure after awhile I’ll get use to it…  Could very well be all in my head…  I wonder how the people are making out with the Pitch issues they had been having with some units now that the update is out??  Thanks for putting up with me!!  George

Now I’ll change me sig to show the new firmware in my unit!! 

The updated clock algorithm is part of the new firmware, so you’re in business!!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: