Help needed!! Sandisk Cruzer Blde 16gb USB won't reformat on Mac

Hi People,

I am new to this so apologies if I am posting in the incorrect forum…

My Sandisk Cruzr Blade 16gb USB wont reformat on my MacBook Air!! 

I have reformatted it many times before using the disk utility on my Mac, but now when I go to Disk Utility and click erase, it is bringing up a message saying ‘Disk Erase Failed - Couldnt Open Device’

I have checked on all the USB portals on my MacBook and it stil brings up the same message! 

Any help on how to get it reformatted would be greatly appreciated!! 

Well, things do wear out.  Two things you can try, 1, put it in the freezer overnight then try it.  2. try cleaning the contacts on the blade with a pencil eraser or emery paper, very lightly. If either work and allow you to access the files on the blade, Immediately copy them to your harddrive or another USB device because the fix may only work once.

Good luck…

How about trying this on a PC or other computer. You can check if it would make a difference at all. <img src=“”/>