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I am new to mp3 world of music and podcasts. I just bought a Fuze 4GB and I need help figuring out how to use it for podcasts more efficiently. I have downloaded iPodder/Juice 2.2 software and I use it to put podcasts and RSS feeds onto the Fuze. I want to organize the podcasts by topics when I download them AND I’d like to keep them on the little micro flashcards rather than the internal memory. Is this possible? I’ve downloaded the Juice 2.2 user manual and it doesn’t say anything about using flash memory cards. Could someone take a look at the steps I use (below) and tell me if there is a simpler way of loading podcasts and feeds? Here’s what I do now:

  First I find the URL of the podcast I want to subscribe to and I open Juice software and using the green “plus sign” I paste in the URL in the subscriptions area. Next I click on two green arrows in a circle to download the files. When they are downloaded to my hard drive, I then go to Windows Explorer and use File. Next I use “send to” to send the files I want to load to the Fuze.

Is there a better way to get podcasts and feeds into the Fuze???  Somebody told me in the store that I should get a Podcatcher device which will automatically do the steps for me without my having to be at the PC at all after the initial set up. Have you used the Podcatcher?

Thank you. SARA

That is how I load my podcasts. There is a program that you load on your mp3 device and when you connect to your p.c. it launches and goes and finds your podcast. I have not tried it yet, I like to have mine ready before I leave for work in the morning and thought it might take to long to download.

DO a google search for podcast alley and go into there forum. They have lots of information.


For a daily podcast load, I use Juice with Windows Media Player.

Once you set up WiMP for synchronization, you can sync with the internal memory or the µSD card by clicking “next device” while sync mode is active.  The µSD card will show up in the upper right corner of the WiMP GUI.

You can have Juice run in the background if you wish, and have it download at regular intervals.

Now here’s the cool part.  You can also configure Juice to clean up podcasts older than a set interval for each 'cast, meaning that your device will always have the latest podcasts, and the old ones are cleaned up.

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When you use windows media do you have to move the podcast into the playlist or does it get put there by juice?

I have Juice import the podcasts into the WiMP library.

I have created four podcast playlists that are updated each time I sync my Sansas.  Deciding which Sansas have the playlists was done in the individual sync setups (auto sync).  I can decide which podcasts go on each device, though at the moment I keep them all live.

In Juice, the auto cleanup feature pulls the oldest podcasts from the library automatically.

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Bob, Is there a site that has the steps to follow where I can learn to do what you are suggesting? I bougt my Fuze for podcasting rather than music and I am just totally lost. I have the Juice user manual and the one from Sansa for hte Fuze, and I’m still lost. Many of the terms are confusing. I have to look up WMP versus WiMP versus Winamp just to figure out if I’m using the right software. (And there are not teenagers anywhere near us or I’d just ask them!)

Thank you for all the postings you do because they are VERY helpful to us.


The Juice interface is very nice, it takes a wee bit of playing around with the settings and modes to get the hang of it.

If you open the Juice application, you’ll find that each function actually has several ways of reaching the same effect.  For example, let’s add a podcast feed to the receiver first. 

You can click on the top line: Tools > Add a Feed, hit [Ctrl]N (^N), or click the Subscriptions tab, and click my favorite one, the big green + button.  The “add a feed” box will pop up.  After you find the URL of an interesting podcast or RSS feed, you simply cut and paste the URL into this box.

With this first podcast added, let’s give the application a test run.

Click the green double arrow button, the first one, “check for podcasts”, or as we’ve seen, from the top menu, Tools > Check All, or press F5.  I can pop on the buttons, or use control codes, or the F keys, all depending upon whether I have a cup of coffee in my free hand.   It’s the large amount of options that makes this interface a bit intimidating.  The programmers left all options open, so the user can use whichever method feels best.

For starters, use the buttons.

If you go to the Downloads tab, it will populate with the latest podcasts from that new URL that was added.  Now go back to the Subscriptions tab.  Your new podcast should be there.  You can click the second button to the right of the big green Add button.  As you mouse over the button, note that the name of the function will pop up.

First, click Select the Subscriptions tab, and click once on your podcast, so that it highlights in blue.

Let’s give the buttons a test drive. Click “Feed Properties”, the second smaller one after the green +Add button.

Under the main General tab, the URL and podcast title will display.  Click on the Cleanup tab next.

Here’s where you decide how many days old the eldest podcast download should be.  Remember that this will be based upon your podcast’s update rate (daily, weekly, et cetera), and your listening habits.  If you would like podcasts older than, say, five days, here’s where it is decided.  This limit is set separately for EACH individual podcast feed.

The Authentication tab is for password protected podcasts, like Audible news feeds, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and such, as examples.  If you subscribe to a special financial, sports, talk, or news cast, and you’ve been entering that password every time you go for the 'cast, those days are over!  Juice will log in for your subscriptions for you.   Cool, huh?

Now that we have a single podcast, go crazy and find a few more, entering them the same way.

Let’s set up this wee beastie for synchronizing with Windows Media Player, and then on to your Sansa automatically!

Go to the top tab line, and select File > Preferences > player, and you’ll see WiMP listed right there, plus Winamp, is that’s your preferred synchronization application.

Have a look around at the multitude of options available in this window.  There are quite a few options.

In WiMP, your podcasts will show up, in your library.  Select Library, then playlists (add playlist).  This is where I placed the podcast titles.  Once you set up automatic synchronization (The Sync tab, then the settings button below it…this is a discussion all in itself!), your podcast can be sent whenever you Sync.

As Juice deletes the old podcasts, here’s the cool part: WiMP follows in step, deleting the old ones automatically from the Sansa.

Try setting up Juice first.  Don’t worry, it’s a simple interface, and I haven’t heard of anyone getting zapped by cosmic rays from the screen or anything like that.  You can delete entries and easily correct them.

Let me know if you run into any snags!

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Bob, Thank you SO much for writing out the instructions for getting files from Juice into the Sansa Fuze. You should publish them in the section of Sansa forums that is at the top of the forum for newbies like myself to use OR publish an online manual for the Fuze! I know that when I see your icon by a message that the information is accurate and trustworthy. You get my vote!  I have reformatted my Fuze and am back to day one now and I want to organize and set up files correctly. With the tools you’ve given us I think I might be able to do it!

In the instructions you’ve provided, please see the third from the final paragraph, where it says: “As Juice deletes the old podcasts…” How can I prevent this from occurring? I may want to hear the podcasts out of order or retain them longer than others. Is there a manual way to stop the automatic deletion process?

Thank you so much.


Juice wasn’t developed by Microsoft, so it won’t delete anything unless you tell it to .  The “cleanup” function is an option, not a requirement.  If you prefer to manage your accumulated files manually, simply create a folder labeled by month or quarter, and store copies of your podcasts in there, just NOT in the WiMP library.

This way, you will have copies that won’t be touched by either application.

As I enjoy listening to quite a few podcasts daily, my library would be quite huge were it not for the “cleanup” function. If the interval box is left blank in the cleanup section, Juice will keep everything as an archive.

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is there a mac solution other than iTunes.  I hate to have to go through my podcast folder and do drag and drop if there is way that I can just have it sent right to my sansa fuze.  I tried podcastready but it wouldn’t connect to the internet.

I still need help!  My problem comes when I try to move the podcast from the Juice to the Media Player.  I have pushed every button in both programs to no avail.

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions that you are able to offer.

(besides throwing it out the window ;-o)

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