Help needed High Speed driver for USB Flash Drive

 I need an Intel®82801 BA/BAM USB Universal Host COntroller 2442 for a High Speed Cruzer Glide USB Flash Drive to back up sewing design files on my old XP.  I had previously lost many designs and hoped to keep what is left on this computer.  My Windows 7 has an updated sewing program for another machine.  I don’t want to combine these programs or designs into the other computer.   I purchased a USB Flash Drive and tried to backup the info.  I was given the above information  which I think is asking for a driver.  My grandson borrowed my older scan disks that were not very high speed.  I do not want the XP to be exposed to the internet because I can not replace the sewing program for this particular machine.  Can someone help me to obtain the driver or download for the XP?  I remember that I just popped in the scan disk and it worked before, on it’s own.  I wonder why this new scan disk just didn’t have what it needed?.  I may need some installation directions as well.  Sorry to be so uniformed and I appreciate any help…  Happy New Year

It’s possible the new drive is too big for XP to support.  As for updating drivers the best way would be to connect the machine to the 'net and do a Windows update IMO, an option you only have 3 months left to do.

Of course if might be easier if you could tell your grandson you will trade him a nice new flash drive for your old one that he is using. :wink:

I 'm thinking the same too. i don’t think that flash drive have XP support though. Try at least a VMware and see if it helps?