help! my clip isnt working properly!!!

something has happened to my sansa clip 2gb player… it was still working fine this morning but when i added 2 songs, disconnected it and turned it on to check my playlist, 5seconds after the welcome screen appeared it froze. then the display disappeared by the light on the wheel is still on. when i pressed the home button the display appeared but this time it turned upside down! until now it’s still upside down and sometimes it freezes especially when i scan for songs. and i couldnt update my version (mine is still the original 01.01.11A version) coz it always say download failed try again later blah blah. and my music also disappears and i always sync my songs. this has never happened to me. what could have been the problem? help, anyone? i’m living in the philippines so having it replaced or whatever is impossible. i’m sure i am still under warranty coz i got this as christmas present from my sister

What about a manual firmware update? (without the Firmware Updater)

Check the sticky Firmware Update thread to find out how.

Yes, update your firmware to the latest 1.01.29 versionby following the directions in the pop-up thread.

It should repair your corrupted firmware.  Take a closer look at those last two songs as there may be something amiss with those files.

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sorry, but how do i install it manually?

Instructions are in the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum.


pwedeng magtanong kung saan mo nabili dto sa pilipinas yang

clip wala kasi ako mahanap… puro mga ipod lang available and i think

sansa players are very few or rare. . Ive already check on the retailers licensed

or registered to sansa company but they have only there flash drives and memory sticks

nothing else… any store?? sa manila…

thanx very much…