Help me!!

My fuze has recently gotten wet. I can get it on, but only for a short while. I also can’t fit my Fuze back together (the copper strip being my only problem.) I would like to have it back together and working, or at the very minimum I would like to know how to salvage the songs from it. Ask me for more info!!!

Stop trying to turn it on. Every time you do you risk shorting it out and ruining it. Put it in a container with some uncooked rice–to draw out the water–for 3-5 days. BE PATIENT. Then see if you can turn it on.

If Black-Rectangle’s suggestion fails, you could try posting something in the Rockbox forums:

Repairing and Upgrading Rockbox Capable Players.

These guys specialize in fixing/modding players like this one. However, anything they suggest will probably require you to know about electronic hardware. I personally don’t I’d be knowledgeable enough to keep up with whatever they tell me, but that’s just me. It might be easier to just get a replacement. Of course, that’s all assuming it’s too late for Black-Rectangle’s suggestion.

Sorry to bring this to you but from my experience, only about 10% is the chance of this being restore. Good luck tho.