my sansa connec dosent work on my computer when i try to put music on its not even reading the usb it says unknown usb device i have tried EVERYTHING! help please!!!

it says unknown usb device

Is this error message from Windows or your music software?

Have you tried other devices to see if it is a USB/hardware problem?

Make sure you have Windows Media Player installed on your computer.  I recommend installing the latest version from  This application has the Media Transfer Protocal bundled with it and this is required for your Sansa Connect to properly communicate with your computer.  This is where I would start. 

If you still need help, I’d recommend contacting SanDisk Tech Support.  They were able to help me when I first started using my Sansa Connect.


Did you just get the Sansa Connect? If so, then you should make sure you got the firmware update. The current version is ZAP:

Review the FAQs listed on this site to get the firmware update by either listening to Internet Radio for a while or running the Connect Recovery Tool.