Help me remove every atom of Rhapsody from my Fuze

There are all sorts of references to MPC and MPT (or something like that) modes, but no explanation as to what they are, where they are and how to access them.  Then there was something about ‘deauthorizing’.  But it had no effect.  All I want to do is get every trace of Rhapsody off my Fuze (and not be reminded that it’s expired - actually I canceled it - every time I connect.  Please STEP BY STEP, no jargon.  … “Turn it on, Click here, click there…”  Call me an ■■■■■; I don’t care.  Just help me please.

Re-post in the Fuze forum, there are more people there who can help you. I will say this… Use the Search Feature for this forum, the question you asked has been answered many times before.

MSC & MTP modes are explained in this FAQ. These are the 2 USB modes available to connect to your computer. You can access the setting in SETTINGS > SYSTEM SETTINGS > USB MODE.

As far as nuking Rhapsody, you should be able to use the on-board Format function on the Fuze in the Settings menu to rid yourself of it. This will also delete (erase) all your music, etc. content so you will have to re-load everything.

To confirm that Rhapsody is eliminated after formatting, connect your player in MTP mode (you now know what it is and how to access it) to your computer. Make sure Windows is set to ‘show hidden files and folders’. If there are any folders or files named Rhapsody, feel free to highlight them and press the DELETE button on your keyboard.

Now dis-connect and switch the player (after the database refresh) to MSC mode, re-connect and look through the folder/file structure looking for any lingering remnants of Rhapsody in this mode too. If there are, delete them. 

Your Fuze should now be Rhapsody free.

If you have any further trouble, feel free to join us in the Fuze board. :smiley: