Help loading audio books

Hi all,

I’m sure this has been asked more than 1000 times, but I still can’t figure this out…

What I want to do is to load an audio book such that it will play in sequence, i.e. when disk 1 is finished  then start playing disk 2, etc.

I’ve got years of computer experience, have tried using mp3tag, media player, media monkey, everything I can think of, but it still doesn’t work.

So, suppose I have an audio book with 2 disks… can someone walk me through exactly what I need to do ? Or possibly point me to a tutorial ?



Rip the discs to mp3 files. Imo it is best to rip spoken word files to mp3 32kbps mono to save space on the player. Imo 32 kbps mono mp3 sounds good enough, and using a higher bitrate doesn’t incease the sound quality much. For music I use 256 kbps though.

After ripping the disks, I would open the first disk in mp3Tag and use mp3 tag to put them in the correct order. Then I would use the autonumbering feature in mp3 taf to number them starting with 101 so I would have a 3 digit track number. Starting numbering at 101 allows for up to 899 tracks for the book using a 3 digit tag, and eliminates the need for leading zeros in the track number.  Then I would open the second disk, renumber the tracks starting with the  next number after the last one in the first disk. Then I would change the album tag for the files in the second disk so it matches the first disk. Then I would merge the second disk files into the first. The next discs would be handled in a similar manner.

That did the trick ! Thanks so much for the help !