HELP, Idon't know what i'm doing

Just got a new Clip and it did not come with a software cd. My wife has an E250 and we have never had problems with it. My problem is that i plug the Clip to my PC and a little screen pops up and i select sync files to this device. When i do that it automatically starts synching everything in my Media Player to my Clip. I don’t drag or start anything. Am i missing something? Thanks in advance.

I assume it’s something/a setting in Media Player or your operating system as part of an AutoPlay or similar function (Vista will pop a box up when you connect some peripherals to your computer, giving you various option (including to do nothing); I don’t recall if there is a sync option there).  The Clip itself doesn’t have a sync setting.  And there is no “Clip software”–the disc that some receive in the box with their Clip contains either Best Buy music store software or Rhapsody software (neither of which is needed for the Clip). 

The good news is, you aren’t doing anything wrong!  Windows Media Player has a “feature” that kicks in the first time it sees your brand new player.  If the player is 4GB or larger, and if it has enough capacity to store your entire WMP music library, WMP sets your device for automatic synching.

Go to the help files in WMP and look under sync/switching between automatic and manual.  It will explain how to change the settings for your player.

Good Luck