help!!! i think my clip is dead!!!

ok… i posted a message here 2days ago regarding my upside down display… no i’m posting about my “dead” clip!! today i upgraded my firmware from 01.01.11A to the new firmware 01.01.29. so everything’s ok except that it turned upside down for a while again, the screen turned blank but the ring is still on. so when it normalized again after a couple seconds i start to listen to songs but then it froze then normalized then froze again! now i tried turning it on but it wont and connecting it on the PC but it wont turn on. i tried holding the center button but still to no avail. should i call sandisk? it’s really pissing me off!!!

Yes, definitely call 1-866-SANDISK, and explain your difficulties with the Clip.

Let them know that it is inverting the screen display like the Police’s Ghost In The Machine album…actually, those characters are more alien than inverted (upside-down).

They will provide you with a reply RMA e-mail to ship your Clip back to the Mother Ship, and a new device will be on its way to you.  The cool part?  SanDisk will pay the shipping, all you have to do is drop the boxed device off with UPS.

SanDisk stands behind these wee beasties (even ones that you have to hold upside down)!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: