help i need help i'm new i'm mean fledgling new. i don't know wat i'm doing.

hi, i just got intoduced tothis u3 thing, a guy at the store said its realy cool and can do more than the regular usb. but now i 'm stuk i don’t now how to navigate this, my bigest concern howevere is that i have to pay for these things( i understand that i would have to pay for the software and stuff) but wat about the updates and stuff they send ,u know that box that appears and  says it recommends this or that. how do i know i ahve to pay for those things. it dosen’t say if its free or… i think this is it for now i’m still trying to get the feel of it so if you got any good tips or advise on how to get started or things to do feel free to post umm. 

(i think this is better)  i also should have put in that its not originally mine so i don’t have teh disc that i think comes with it.

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@rougangel wrote:
. . . if ugot any goood tips or advise on ow to get started or things to do feel free to post umm.

Yes, here’s one . . .  use the CHECK SPELLING button on the message composing screen so we have a chance at understanding what you’re saying. :smiley:

These things don’t have a piece of fruit on the cover, so there aren’t any charges for firmware updates.  Browse around a bit, and from the initial page, you can select your particular Sansa model for discussions related to your device.

Also, in the individual forums, you’ll fine a General Information post in teh highlighted “stickies” at the top of the forum page.  There will be a link for the User Guide for your device, full of information to get you up and running!

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

For u3 related questions you would want to use the Communities Forum for all SanDisk non sansa products. You’d also not want to post your question in the Off Topic Discussion.