help! freezing while refreshing database after loading songs

I’ve been loading songs back on to my Sansa Clip after following advice to get it working with my Mac. I successfully loaded 14 songs, then went back to load the rest of my almost 200 songs I keep on it. After I loaded more than 150 songs, I disconnect it from the computer, it says “refresh database” and freezes. When I go to play music, it only recognizes that 14 songs are on it, but there are almost 180 on the disk.

What can I do? 

Sounds like the ID3 tags of those songs need some loving care and attention. This can cause freeze-ups and the lists on your player not populating correctly. MP3TAG is generally the preferred tag-editing software (it’s free, too) around here and the format that works best on the Sansa line of players is ID2v2.3 ISO-8859-1. It’s easy to change this ‘en masse’.