Help for newbie

This is my third Sansa player, you think I’d learn by now returning them doesn’t guarentee the new one will work. I used to be able to rip music from CDs and sync them to my MP3 player. Only now, they sync fine, but when I go to listen to them, the MP3 player skips the ones that are sync’d. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Boycott Sansa.

Are you sure they are there?  If you think they go by track, you are wrong.  The Express goes by the ID3 tags.

All the songs are there in my windows media “device” tab. I tried syncing them again, and it said “already on device”. Could there be a lock or do I need to download usage rights?

Can you look on the Express by the Express itself.  You can look at the tags of the songs on the Express.