Help! Cruzer Edge 8gb, won't load.

Hi, come to use my UBB 8gb Cruzer Edge today, inserted it. got the USB tool bar icon appear with a ‘tick’ on it, but it didn’t load the window to input my password etc.

It’s showing up in MY COMPUTER, but I can’t open the main window to log in.

The ‘safe’ icon appears on the tool bar, but as soon as I put my cursor over it to double click, it disapears.

why is this?

I’ve even tried it on another laptop.


:smiley:   Hi Salsa-king,

Sorry, if fails in other PCs, is defective, return it.

Please, see link:

Regards, Alfred.


Has this unit been dropped or anything similar? I just hope that this is still under warranty. 

hi, never been dropped, goes from the notic board its clipped onto, in th elaptop and back out onto the notice board.

It’s a lot less than 12 months old, bought from Argos (UK) for about £4.99

so not worth sending off to get replaced TBH.

But I won’t be buying another sandisc if they’re not very reliable to store things on, as I used it to back up work files, quotes/invoices and HMRC back up.