Help Configuring Audio Book Folder

I took on a project for a friend that I’m slapping myself for now, she wanted me to put the Bible put on CD.  When I realized how many CDs this was going to take I thought a mp3 player would be a better option so I got the Clip Zip.  My friend is from a prehistoric age when it comes to tech and this will probably be the only thing that ever gets put on it as she doesn’t have a computer, so I’m tryhing to cofigure it as simple as possible for her.

There are 66 books I have to configure and up to 50 chapters in a book. I orignally planned to do each book as a folder and use sub folders for each chapter but when I do that it’s only reading the sub folders and not grouping them up by chapters so I’m gettting a list of 1000s of sub folders that aren’t grouped in any way.

When I attach it to my comptuer and look in the audiobooks folder it’s showing everything configured correctly but in actual operation all I get is a listing of chapters.

If anyone could provide any insight on how to group into folders or books I’d appreciate it. I’ve been at this since I got the player about 6 hours ago and not making any progress and SD CS is closed on Saturday.

Thanks, James

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I just finished, finally just gave up and put it in the music folder as it gave me folder options through the music menu.  I don’t think it’ll be to diffficult for her onces I run thrugh it a time or two with her.  I’m just glad to have it done even if it is in the music folder, that’s probably the only thing that’ll ever get put on it anyway.

Appreciate the reply, going to read now. I also bought one for myself that I haven’t tried yet due to messing around with this project.

Sandisk players work using tags. The free program mp3Tag makes editing tags on multiple files at a time very easy. If you give a batch of audiobook files the same album tag, and number them using the track number tag, they will play in order as a sequence. When numbering them, if you start from one, you need to use leading zeros, ie. 01, 02  if there are less than 100 files in the sequence, or 001, 002 etc if there will be 100-999 files in the sequence.