Help Computer Software Program for ScanDisk Sansa e250 V2 MP3

Right up front I apologise for my lack of techo knowledge. That said, I have a ScanDisk Sansa e250 V2 MP3 player which is a great little device which continues to function, regardless of what I do to it

However, I recently had a computer failure which resulted in my having to buy a new system. I lost all of the previous software and data on my old computer including the software that came with the Sansa player.

Now each time I plug it into the USB port on my new system, to charge up the battery, Windows (7) keeps searching for the software so it can charge the battery etc.

My question is two fold, firstly where can I get a hold of the appropriate software program for my device ( Sansa e250 V2 ) as I have lost the original disk copy and secondly is firmware another name for the software I am searching for?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.