Help anyone please.

good day. at last I found a cable that can connect my sansa clip to my desktop, I thought I would not have anymore problem but I was wrong, I got a new problem with the sansa clip now. I dont know how to put songs on it. could you guys help me what I should do. this clip is very very complicated. I already installed the rhapsody disk and I also even tried using the window media player but duh? I haven’t tried using this two so I really dont know what to do. Please kindly help me back here. thanks a lot guys.

my sansa says it is connected to my desktop but when I check “my computer” there is no icon indicating that my sansa is connected or being read by my desktop.

YES! I solved my problem. thanks guys.

“Speaking for myself & the boys in the band, I hope we passed the audition.” :smileyvery-happy: