Hello all got a few questions (first time buying/using a SSD)

Hello all my laptops HDD went out and I bought a sandisk SSD Plus 120GB drive from best buy. I have never owned or used one before. 

I put windows 10 on it (had to do a clean install a few times because windows update wasn’t working for some odd reason. So had to do like a clean install 3 or 4 times (it’s all working now lol)

Anyway I found a few windows 10 guides for ssd optimization and followed them but I am usually on the computer basically 24/7 lol every single day.

Was wondering if this SSD was a good choice, I mean I am on my laptop a lot I mostly do web browsing (no games or anything of that sort) Just the occasional youtube, internet radio, and Itunes and that’s about it.

So wondering should I have gotten a HDD instead since I spend a lot of time on my laptop or is a SSD fine and how long should one of these last? (the Sandisk Dashboard says it’s still at 100% life but a bit worried since I had to reinstall windows 10 a few times.) 

SSD Plus have Guaranteed 72Terabyte Writing on drive. But since 15nm MLC nands have 3000 p/e cycle, it should last around 1,5 - 2 years minimum. 

Things to careful about :

-> be careful about programs that makes writing to disk frequently

-> dont use SSD to download files with p2p (torrent ETC. it causes a lot writes to drive)

-> leave 8GB unallocated area on ssd

-> dont fill SSD more than 80%

If you are really careful at these things , you will make 1-2 program cycle on every day and it can last 1500 days in theory . Most of 120GB 15-19-20nm drives can handle to average 350TB nand write without any bad block.

You can take image of drive drive instead reinstalling windows everytime (Like acronis true image) .

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Oh OK So even if I am on it 24/7 it should last 1.5/2 years and a max of 4 years or possibly more if lucky as long as it is not seeing major heavy writing.

So web browsing and listening to music should be 100% fine then. Only thing is I know web browsers write data like cookies, history, and etc.

So for web browsing as long as I am not clearing/deleteing history,cookies, whatever data a web browser stores 24/7 it should be fine and last a long time since the website data is already stored/written.

I think I porbably should of went with a regular hard drive (hdd) instead of a SSD in all honesty but didn’t want to worry about a disc getting scratched up and whatnot lol.

So think I’ll just stick to web browsing so the SSD will hopefully last 4 years or longer in all honesty.

I mean yeah the 120gb was cheap only 44 dollars, So can probably get a new one for if it goes out but still want to make it last a good while/long time in all honesty. So going to try my best to not write to it as much lol. 

Also it came with a 3 year warranty if it goes out within 3 years can’t I get it replaced or does the warranty not cover general usage?

Not sure about warranty thing , you should ticket directly to seagate . 

As i told , just have a little unallocated space on ssd . Another thing is capacity of this drive actually 128GB but you can use 120GB , some blocks will start to die after 3000 erase cycle , died blocks will be replaced from this missing capacity ( 128 - 120 = 8GB Spare Area). Spare blocks can last around 1 year.

Dont worry for heavy usage , i installed visual studio on my SSD Plus 120 and my pc works 8-9 hours in a day with web browsing. Age of disk is 8Months and i still have 180 Maximum Write Cycle Count(according to SMART). SSD PLUS can handle to 2000Cycle without speed decreasion and 2700Cycle without any bad block. After 3000 Cycle , ssd will start to use spare sectors (the missing 8gb capacity) and it will finally die after 3200-3300 cycle.  :smiley:

you still get better performance on SSD

Also since you are using a laptop, HDD is very sensitive to shock or viberation, just a thought