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Hello fellow Sansa users,

I’m aware this is the Sandisk forums, not the iPod one, but I’m going to ask here anyways to see if anyone else has any experience. I’m strictly a Sansa user, therefore lacking in knowledge on this. . . My friend decided to do something REALLY stupid and accidentally tried to charge his iPod touch using his Sansa MP3 player cord. It was plugged in for about 45 minutes. Now he isn’t able to get his iPod to charge, turn on, anything- it freezes at startup when plugged in. Before he assumes its completely shot, does anyone else know of any similar stories/possible solutions (if there are any)? Again I know this isn’t the iPod forums, but he used the Sansa cord. . . Thanks! 

The pins aren’t the same, so he just pushed a lot of current through some random part of his ipod.  Unless hes really luck that probably destroys the ipod.

Yea I know- its like only a 2 pin difference or something, I’ve read the horror stories of people frying their View’s using iPod cables. . . He left it plugged in to the computer for a while with the iPod cable then, and after a while it randomly loaded and started working!