Do they make headphones you can plug into the Sansa Clip+?  Thanks

Just about all headphones meant for portable use will work with the Sandisk players. What is your budget? Do you prefer a neutral headphone, or one with extra bass? Do you want a closed headphone, or one that is open? Do you want one that surrounds the ears, or a smaller one that sits on the ears?

My favorite headphone under $40 is the JVC HAS160. If you shop carefully, you might find it for as low as around $10. It sounds very neutral. It is quit compact and supraaural(sits on the ears. it doesn’t surround them). It has decent bass that is in proportion with the other frequencies and nice treble. It feels quite sturdy.

If you are willing to spend more or want an extra bass headphone, I can suggest other headphones.

I started some headphone threads on the Clip Zip forum. One thread is for under $20, the other is for $20-50.

Thanks fellow syncers!!  Paul

“Thanks fellow syncers!!  Paul”

I never sync. I always copy and paste folders of music to my players in MSC mode.

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Thanks fellow syncers!!  Paul

There’s no need to be insulting.