Headphone/speaker jack versus a USB connection?

Is it going to be a problem later on if I repeatedly unplug and plug in again the Fuze to either a speaker or headphones using the stereo jack (the metal long plug)? Will doing this ream out the hole? Am I better off buying speakers that use the USB connector cord for charging the Fuze? I found some online and they’re expensive. I have a nifty speaker from a computer that is small and the sound is just fine, but it means I have to plug in the Fuze using the little hole for headphones. I use the Griffin FM transmitter in the car and that’s fine and it doesn’t require a stereo plug, and I’m thinking I ought to use this same connection for when I’m not in the car. Anybody have an idea about lifetime of using the stereo plug??? thanks.

The venerable 1/8 inch (3.5mm) headphone jack is designed for repeated use.  The only thing to be careful about is loading the jack to the side, as it puts a load on the soldered connections.

As long as you don’t “yank” the connection free, it should stand up to plenty of use.

The Griffin dock is pretty handy for tabletop use with speakers, and they’re inexpensive.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I unplug and plug mine in a lot.  When I use my car cassette adaptor for my morning and afternoon commute (just about everyday), when I  charge it at home on the griffin dock (have to remove it), or load it at work (again have to remove it for the usb cable).  So far no problems.