Having trouble editing my media list

Hey, I’ve done it before, but for some reason, when i go to the sansa converter, it is stuck on the photo part, and when i click media there is no media listed, i’ve tried to save playlists in different folders, but can’t find them… i really want to delete some of my music though, and can’t figure it out. but like i said, i have done this before, i’m just stuck now… can anybody help me with this??? Thanks

Sansa media converter is only for uploading pictures and video clips to your sansa mp3 player, you will not be able to locate music files from the software.  To delete files from your sansa the easiest way for me to do it is just by going to my computer, locate my player and browse it for the files.  you should see a music folder, locate and delete the songs you no longer want on the player.

Just a note on the above post, it is worthwhile looking at MSC mode and browse, like said. Converter just converts and sends to the oplayer… that is the function