Have any of you lost data/files due to encryption? (

Primarily I’m referring to non malicious encryption not cryptolockers. However feel free to post about your experience with that as well.

Personally when I was younger I nearly lost everything on the pc I was using due to encrypting it with Truecrypyt and then forgetting the password. Luckily I later remembered it and removed the encryption. Since then I’ve pretty much avoided encryption except for two USB drives from SanDisk that came with “secure access vault” which you guessed it I’ve also forgotten the password I used. I probably need to get a designated USB drive and go through every password I use for everything save it on there and store it in a safe place so this doesn’t happen again. Fortunately I don’t use insanely complicated passwords for most stuff so eventually I should remember what I used and there isn’t really a rush due to nothing of major importance being on either of them. Also I have nothing to hide I used Truecrypyt for fun and the SanDisk vault simply because it came with it. It’s worth noting I have tried Roboform and LastPass in the past and had issues with both.