Has the writting issues on 480gb been resolved?

I’ve purchased an SSD Plus 480GB and since I am still waiting for my CPU to be shipped I haven’t been able to test it out yet. I’ve read some brazilian forums stating that newest SSD Plus are all broken and that a firmware has been released to address the issue. So far, I’ve only read the release for the 120GB and I was wondering if 480gb also received, otherwise I am sending the drive to the retailer.

install the ssd dashboard and see what FW version you have. If you do not have the latest it will update the FW for you. 

Normally, the shipped FW should be UG3000RL, which is totally broken. Some user who had the 120GB version reported a FW update from UE3000RL to another version. So far I have seen no reports about 480GB and if the issue has been reaolved. If not I will not bother opening the blister and send ot back to the retailer, requesting refund. Problem is, I have already registered the device, can it be unassign?