Has The SecureAccess V2 Security Bug Been Fixed in V3 Release?

Does anyone know if the security issue of being able to read metadata of encrypted files in SecurityAccess V2 has been fixed in the V3 release?  The flaw I am talking about makes it possible to view the encrypted files Name, Date Created, and Size. Eventhough the file is still encrypted, I do not want this metadata visable.  I only have 1 SanDisk USB drive so I am unable to test the newer SecurityAccess V3.  

I think I will stay away from SanDisks SecurityAccess encryption but if you can provide a good review on how safe and effective it is I will take it into consideration. 

Guide on how to view metadata of encrypted files in SecurityAccess V2


Thanks in advance.

a. I never click on random links that may be SPAM or malware.

b. I do not believe everything I read without checking for myself.

c. Version 2 can be upgraded to the new version 3 from the download link shown here:  http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2399/ 

There is no need to buy a new flash drive to get it.

Actually Rugbyfan your link was an interesting read.  The meta data seems to be only visible to someone trying to decrypt the drive so should be easy enough for you to test.  Let us know what you find.