Has The Clip Zip "Refusal To Acknowledge Certain mp3 and m3u files" Been Corrected?

So, I’ve had this Clip Zip, with firmware v01.01.21, for quite a while. And it’s never worked properly.

 It will find and play most mp3 files, but not all. It will find and play most wav files, but not all. It will find and play most m3u files, but not all.

 The problem is completely random.

 I record a wav file, and I load it on the Clip Zip. Or I convert it to an mp3, and I load it on the Clip Zip. Or I make an m3u playlist using MP3PlaylistMaker. And maybe the Clip Zip will recognize, acknowledge, and play the file. Maybe not.

 The original wav files might have been recorded in Cubase or Nuendo, or Sound Forge, or StudioOne - these are professional recording applications. But apparently the Clip Zip firmware was not written by professional coders.

 And I know that I am not and was not the only person experiencing this problem. Has this ever been fixed?

 Thanks in advance!

 No response? 

 Just checking in.

 No fix, no replies, nothing.

 No surprise, either.

Sorry to see your question is not getting any attention. The SanDisk Forum is a bit quiet during this challenging time…

I have a Clip Sport and no experience with the Clip Zip. But, I can try to help you…

I think m3u playlist files are challenging for many (most) SanDisk users. Many users (me too) report consistent success using the shareware software “mp3tag” to generate m3u playlists with audio files saved into the SanDisk internal or external memory locaions (subfolders under the Music folder).

Also, are you by chance using a Mac computer? Mac OSX creates text line endings that confuse the SanDisk players. This will randomly spoil your m3u playlists. There are versions of mp3tag for OSX that create the proper text line endings.

A few ideas…

  1. Make sure you are saving your audio files and m3u files inside the main Music Directory (or subdirectories).

  2. What method are you using to curate the ID3 tags of your audio files? I use ID3 v2.3 ISO 8859-1

  3. What method are you using to generate your m3u playlist files?

  4. Are you using a Mac or Win 10 PC, or other?

Maybe try using the shareware software “mp3tag”.for ideas 2, 3, 4.