Has my hearing gone thát bad, or...,?

Having already an iRiver H320 (Rockboxed ), which still is a fantastic player imho, I bought the Clip a few days ago. Meanwhile I compared the Clip to the H320 and guess what, I don’t hear a big difference !.
I have to add that I am using high-end earphones, Shure SE420.
So I am wondering if my hearing  has detoriated or that the Clip is indeed  a fantastic AND cheap mp3 player.

Owing an iRiver iHP-140, I, too, have been impressed by the Clip’s sound.  It just seems good.

Your hearing’s ok. It really is a good little bugger! Sounds great!

I use a pair of regular headphones from Radio Shack made by Koss and I hear details in music on the Clip I’ve never noticed before.  Last night, for example, I was listening to this song by Eric Carmen called “Runaway” and there was a guitar part in it that sounded 3D, almost like it was coming from behind me!!  Another example of the Clip’s great sound: a song by **bleep** Dale came on the other night called “Scalped” that starts off with a acapello vocal like a group of American Indians and the realism of the sound actually startled me for a second!  This player is sonically superb, especially considering it’s compressed audio.  BTW, I too have an iRiver but the Clip sounds far better.

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