Harddrive powercycles on shutdown


I hope this isn’t a doublepost but I haven’t found anything regarding this problem.

I got 3 Harddrives + the readycache drive in my PC and I noticed that the harddrives do “stupid” things on shutdown.

On a shutdown without ReadyCache you might notice Windows is saving all data and then powering off all harddrives and then the rest. Since I installed the SSD i noticed that the shutdown needs more time and that 2 of my drives will be powered off and then immediately start again for 2 seconds and then poweroff again.

My problem is not the time needed for the shutdown but the stresstest my harddrives have to absolve each shutdown. Anybody noticed this issue too? It might only occures to non-system drives.

Win7 x64, AHCI Mode, more specs if needed :slight_smile:


Sorry for my english, i’m from germany :stuck_out_tongue:

No one with the same issue?

Sorry for pulling this up again. Is this Problem still there with the 1.2 Update? I haven’t updated yet cause there was no fix in the changelogs while new problems appeared.