hard drive noise when caching

Hi guys 

         allthough all mechanical sata hard drives make a certain amount of noise will this be increased when the readycache ssd is caching ? … it does not happen all the time and the hard drive noises are not bad ( such as clicking ) …

       as im typing this its ok but after ive used a program or run a game i can hear the hard drive accessing data !

                       any ideas ?

Yes, it’s very likely. As readycache only caches certain most accessed LBAs (not whole files), their position on the hdd won’t be much sequencial, so those very small random reads can get a bit more noisy than usual. You’ll probably hear the same with a random read/seek time benchmark on your hdd.

I have the same happening both with readycache and it’s cache drives and a Seagate SSHD while caching the platters on it’s own.

One way to reduce such noise is messing with an HDD’s AAM setting (if available!) with proper tools (hdscan, crystaldiskinfo, hdtune, etc), but seek times will also increase substantially. This bad on a OS drive, but not so noticeable on a storage drive.