Harassment from SanDisk support

I contacted support via online chat with a problem with my SandDisk micro SDHC card. I provided the support engineer all requested information and then engineer requested photos of the card. This is the opposite of the helpful and expedient support my wife received when she contacted support for her card (same model and purchased at the same time). I called support who provided the same support as my wife and who provided me an RMA. This evening I received an email from the online chat engineer, Ashley K, harassing me for photos of the card to include the codes on the card which are too small to photograph otherwise she will deny my RMA. The card has already been shipped and I don’t appreciate the email harassment by Ashley K and threatening to deny the RMA for original SanDisk product which is in warranty. My family will never purchase a SanDisk product again and I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Beware of their online chat support!

Support is always an issue with these world wide companies, mostly due to the fact that support teams are usually located in places like India, Malaysia and so on. It’s a know fact that they have an agressive stand when talking with other people.

The’re not to be blamed, as their internal process probably states something like this: no pictures of product = not processing the request. They simply can’t go beyond that point and that’s it. :slight_smile:

SanDisk support is not in the business of harassing people. I would think this is most likely a misunderstanding. I will forward this post to the SanDisk team. Someone will be in contact with you to straighten this out. 

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I would think this is most likely a misunderstanding.


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This would be my guess too. The e-mail requesting the photos again probably was an automatic reminder as the time window for the RMA was nearing and they can’t be left open indefinitely. Of course, photos may not be necessary, as proven by the absence of the request for them in the approved RMA. Individual representatives differ as well; we all do. Some may have more knowledge, experience and/or fexibility in granting RMA’s or satisfying customer’s needs than others.

It can never hurt to politely ask to speak with someone else, possibly higher in authority when/if you feel it necessary to be fair to all concerned. :wink:

Basically, all customer support companies always have the same goal, that is to help and earn. But you can never control these disgruntled employees, they are everywhere. It would be best that you report him or her to the right people.