HandStands 3-in-1 Travel Kit...worth it?

Nothing like waiting till the last minute for xmas gifts…i wanted to get the Travel kit to go along with the Fuze for my gf…Best Buy has it for 30.00…amazon has it for 19.99…but reading reviews…they say its hard to stick the earbud jack in with the case on? And a few other complaints.

Anyone have this case? Worth the buy? I have it in my amazon shopping cart but would love to hear what owners have to say. There could be 10 good reviews on it over on amazon…but the one bad review always sticks out most…lol

On a related accesories note…instead of the charger kits available I ended up getting the Belkin wall charger with 2 USB ports on it plus 3 plugs so she doesn’t have to lose plugging in her lamps or whatever…16.00…can’t beat that. 

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I got the kit at Best Buy (for thirty bucks – yikes!), and yes, it is very well made and protective of the Fuze, but does hamper both the scroll wheel and the headphone jack.  However, after a few weeks, I decided to go with a Crystal Clear Case from eBay (8.99 shipped along with several other accessories).  It’s small and incredibly protective.  However, access to the microSD, power switch, and connecting to the sync cable are all a bit problematic, but workable with no problems.

Hope that helps some.

All the best.

thanks for the info man…you’ve made up my mind for me…i’ll hold off until there’s something better out there…i want to make it as easy as possible for her to use since she’s not especially electronically inclined…lol.

No problem, and here’s hoping something better does come along!

All the best.