Handstands 3-in-1 kit shipping internationally?


Tried to purchase the Handstands 3-in-1 kit for my Fuze. Buying from Handstands directly results in ridiculous shipping costs, something like $50 USD for the kit+shipping. Hardly worth it.

Tried to purchase it from Amazon, but they wouldn’t ship it to New Zealand. Why, I don’t really know - a case for music player is hardly an electronic device.


Does anyone know where else I can get and get it shipped internationally?

Did you try www.amazon.co.uk?

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You sir are a genius. I went to amazon.co.uk and although I bought a different case to the one I wanted, at least there seems to be no problem shipping from the UK. THANK YOU. :smileyvery-happy:

Cool! I though maybe those crumpet-benders would kinder to the Kiwi’s. :wink: