Hadoop Is ‘Fast And Furious’ In Structuring Big Data

In most cases, company’s data infrastructure plays a vital role affecting the euphoria of the business. In plan of exploiting their unstructured data, most of the companies use Hadoop-based data infrastructure for its scalability and flexibility in governing the big data. This article may give insights of thrust of hadoop on people, data and conduct of the organizations.

Before knowing the crux of the article, we shall have an overview on Hadoop:

Hadoop, popular by its iconic yellow elephant logo, is an open-source project and a java-based programming architecture from the ASF(Apache Software Foundation) that supports the storage and processing of large data sets in a distributed processing environment. The important modules in Hadoop architecture includes: HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System), Hadoop YARN and Hadoop MapReduce.

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS): it is the primary storage unit used by hadoop software system and allows a high-performance access to data cross over the hadoop clusters.

  • Hadoop YARN: Hadoop Yet Another Resource Negotiator(YARN) is a cluster management application and a prime feature in the ASF’s open-source distributed computing architecture.

  • Hadoop MapReduce: This is an application framework for distributed computing of extremely large data sets on compute clusters of commodity hardware.

Big Data For A Small Elephant:

Before Hadoop, big data was a big problem. Today, most of our working lives has shifted to the digital sphere and the conventional businesses are engulfed with information that is required to be captured, stored, moved, and archived. Most of the organizations didn’t focussed or have time in utilising the data beyond reporting. After the evolution of hadoop like technologies, there is notable change in the approach of the businesses. Companies identified the comprehensiveness in the data apart from conventional structured and assignable information.

The data now is not visualized as a problem but as an opportunity. Organizations using hadoop technology, Streamlining with the transformation of big data as an opportunity, are triggered to action out of requirement to empower the optimum use of semi structured and unstructured data. According to the industry professionals, following could be the driving factors of moving towards hadoop environment.

Top Triggers of Hadoop Implementation:

No matter, from whatever domain is the industry, data has become the part of augmenting operational efficiency. From a decisive viewpoint, flexibility in the data infrastructure is now treated as crucial to the industry’s capability to develop and innovate new products, and introduce them to the market impressively.

Concealing Complexity, Capacitating User:

If the analytical process and the generation of insight is to succeed, companies need to think closely about factors like this. When searching for answers, users need broader access to data, quality and trustworthy information, and to be able to socialize and share insights with others in the organization.