Had to wipe laptop, lost some music files, can I pull them off my e280?

When I wiped my laptop, I missed some files.  Some of these files I lost are on my mp3 player.  Can I pull them off the player and get them back on my laptop?

It depends on the files. If they were from subscription services like Rhapsody or Napster, or if they are copy-protected .wma files, then probably not.

If they are plain .mp3, then connect in each USB mode (Settings/USB Mode/ (either) MSC or MTP) and look in Computer (or My Computer) to find them. Then you can drag-and-drop them.

Depending upon the original mode of transfer, MSC or MTP, you can simply access the files using Windows Explorer, and transfer them back over to the laptop.  When you “wiped” the laptop, as in a reinstallation of Windows XP, your media player will be Windows Media Player 9.

To transfer in MTP mode, you will need to upgrade to WiMP10 or go right up to WiMP11.  The player itself does not need to be used, just the MTP “pipeline” if it was your previous mode.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: