hacking together a mains-powered boombox using clip+: 4 questions


I’m planning to hack together a crude boombox using a clip+ and some speakers.

The device will be mains-powered only. So as well as the mains supply to the speakers I will be using a permanent mains supply to the clip+ using a ‘USB charger’, i.e. a mains cable supplying the proper voltage to the USB port.

Q1: will that work? Or would there be problems, whether to do with the battery or otherwise?

To get files on to the clip+, I’ll disconnect it from the boombox and connect it to a PC in the normal way, using USB.

I don’t usually use WMP, nor do I usually connect that PC to the internet. So I would like to have the clip+ show up as a drive and to be able to copy mp3 files across to it directly from my hard drive, without running any media player software or media management software whatsoever. I’d also like to be able to change the directory structure on it when necessary using the same procedure.

Q2: can a clip+ be handled like this? I.e. no WMP, no internet.

I’m hoping the answer is ‘yes’. I’ve bought several USB flash drives, including by Sandisk, which come with management software on them which I have no use for and just delete, preferring to get files on and off using the above straightforward method.

Q3: any probs doing the above having rockboxed the clip+?

Q4: any probs doing the above using a clip+ with a 32GB card in it?

Thanks for any help with this!

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Q1:  Yep, and no issues.

Q2:  Yep.

Q3:  Nope.

Q4:  Nope–the only identified issue has been sometimes with some particular manufacturer’s cards–very idiosyncratic–and sometimes with cards above Class 4 in speed–again, idiosyncratic.  And this only seems to be the case with the OF–no issue with Rockbox whatsoever.

Bet you didn’t think it was going to be this easy.   :wink:

Many thanks Miikerman, and no I didn’t think it would be this easy! :smiley:

Do all the same answers apply to the Clip Zip and Fuze+?

The Clip Zip, yep; and I assume the Fuze as well but I’ll let a Fuze owner confirm.  Go to it and good luck!

@miikerman wrote:

The Clip Zip, yep; and I assume the Fuze as well but I’ll let a Fuze owner confirm.  Go to it and good luck!

Thanks Miikerman! I’ve accepted your answer. (Better late than never.) I decided in the end to get a Clip Plus, which has arrived. I was surprised at its small size, but once I’ve rockboxed it the amount of info gettable on screen should be absolutely fine! Nice bit of kit! :smiley:

Enjoy it, and good luck!    :slight_smile: